The Best Brain Food – Fish Oil Supplementation is What You Need

The Best Brain Food – Fish Oil Supplementation is What You Need

Several documented studies have shown that the best brain food is fish oil because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acid. This article is going to tell you the many ways this essential fatty acid can help enhance your brain health and why fish oil supplementation is a better way of getting this vital nutrient.

The two most important components of omega 3 are dha and epa; the truth is that the health benefits of omega 3 come from these two fatty acids. However, dha is more beneficial for several reasons: first, it can be turned to epa by your body if needed and can also be turned to an anti-inflammatory chemical called Resolvin D2. It is also vital to the health of your heart and it makes up 30% of your brain.

Research shows that lack of sufficient dha can cause mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD; it is disheartening to know that about 90% of the population do not have enough of omega 3 fatty acids today. That may explain why there are so many cases of the mental conditions mentioned here. The high incidence of omega 3 deficiency has to do with the fact that our bodies do not have what it takes to produce it; hence, we rely on our foods and supplementation to get it. Now you see why taking enough Mind Lab Pro Reviews brain foods such as fish oil is very important.

Although fish is the best brain food, fish also contain a lot of impurities these days because of the pollutions in the oceans; these impurities such as lead, PCBs and arsenic cause toxic contamination and may even lead to death if ingested in large quantities. Hence, fish oil supplementation is a much better option in terms of safety.

However, you should not just buy any supplement you see on the market because not all of them are pure enough for your consumption; ensure that you take only brands that are molecularly distilled to remove the toxins.

The best brain food fish oil supplement is one that contains more than 250mg of dha per 1000mg capsule; do not buy supplements that do not specify the amounts of epa and dha contained or those that contain more epa.

The truth is, the higher the amount of dha, the more effective the supplement will be; the omega3 supplement I personally take contains 280mg dha per capsule. You can visit my website to learn more about this high quality brain food fish oil supplement.