Dangerous Bodybuilding Fiction You Should Know About –

Dangerous Bodybuilding Fiction You Should Know About –

Dangerous Bodybuilding fiction #1

Follow the weight training techniques the bodybuilding magazines say champion bodybuilders use…

While inspiring… most articles in the bodybuilding magazines are crap. They are written for one and only one thing in mind… to promote that bodybuilder and the supplements that he endorses.

Because you are going to get irresponsible weight training nonsense that can severely injury your body. And the major reason you shouldn’t be following the tips and advice from these champion bodybuilders is because it is unrealistic to expect your body to duplicate theirs. These champion bodybuilders are champions for a reason. They are gifted in the genetic department and I have to wonder if they are also drug-free.

A lot of the articles you will find in these magazines are pure suicide for the rest of us. These articles are basically useless and without scientific foundation. They can and probably are responsible for training injuries, overtraining, and body breakdowns. What most of these article WON’T tell you is this…

Many of the bodybuilders are probably not performance enhancing drug-free. What these articles WILL tell you is this…

If you consume all these expensive supplements, do all these “better” training techniques and more dedication to the bodytraining arts.

So when you hurt yourself doing those stuff and spend all your money on the supplements and STILL see little or no difference… it’s gotta be your dedication…

Absurd huh? You would be doing yourself a huge favor by not reading the unmitigated bs from the bodybuilding magazines…

Dangerous Bodybuilding fiction #2

Training for the “holy grail” of pumps

This is when you follow the myth that if you put your muscles under constant tension over a longer period of time… you infused the muscles with blood which makes them harder and fuller…

For example: you would be doing 100 reps of light weights.

But I have to tell you… doing that to make your muscles grow bigger is not going to happen.

You see, you could apply that technique to long distance runners. They put their leg muscles under constant tension over a long period of time. According to the myth above — it means these long distance runners should have legs that look like pillars…

But that is so far from the truth, huh?

Long distance runners are the skinniest folks you will ever see. So you should throw this ridiculous myth under the bus.

So what about the “burn” from doing the pumps? Well my friend, that “burn” is just lactic acid, which is a waste product. You aren’t doing anything to grow your muscles — just getting tired!

However, if you use HEAVY weights and did the Testolone – Uses, Side Effects pump… now we are talkin’! You are using your muscles and making them work hard to move the load. And your body is going to have to make the muscles bigger so you can keep on lifting heavier weights.

Dangerous Bodybuilding Myth #3

Training until failure gets the job done.

This is probably the most debated point in the bodybuilding world ever. But let’s use a real world example again.

We already know about the long distance runners. In fact, turn on ESPN and you will see some of the thinnest and most unhealthy looking people on this planet running those marathons.

And then you could see those college sprints competitions. Both the men and women are usually built! They have massive thighs and well developed arms and chests. I’ll tell you this… those college sprinters DON’T train to failure. In fact, at the end of the race, you don’t see these guys collapsing on the ground as if they trained to failure…

So how in the world did they get those massive muscles?

That is the million dollar question that you won’t find in the bodybuilding magazines… that’s for sure!

And moving on…

The point is… your body is built to adapt so that you will survive. It is not necessary to bring your body to the brink of death or over-training to build muscles. If you increase your intensity while maintaining your recovery resources… your muscles will grow.