What is Your Required Green Tea Dosage?

What is Your Required Green Tea Dosage?

Have you ever wondered whether you have exceeded your green tea dosage? In fact, what is the recommended daily intake? It is rather difficult to come up with an exact amount. Even the experts seem to disagree on this point. If you read a few labels, you will find that they are sometimes different from each other.

What we can do is provide some information on what the recommended green tea dosage may be. If you drink the herbal drink, keep in mind that it does contain caffeine and too much  buy Ibutamoren caffeine is not good for you.

The best way to get an effective green tea dosage is to take a multi vitamin supplement that contains an extract of the herb. This way, you get the benefits without the negatives aspects of caffeine.

There are many benefits associated with green tea. Examples of some of them are lower risk of cancer, fewer cavities, helping with weight loss, benefits to the respiratory and digestive system and less chance to develop cardiovascular disease.

Many people cannot take caffeine. However, they still want the benefits associated with the herb. This is why a multi vitamin containing the correct green tea dosage along with many other very healthy nutrients all working in synergy together is a much better option than taking many different supplements and drinking the herbal drink.

One of the problems with drinking the herb is that there are differing opinions on what an effective green tea dosage actually is. Some suggest that three cups a day is the best amount. Others indicate that you would need to drink up to ten cups a day to experience any true health benefits. Not everyone can drink that much tea in one day.

The best way to get an effective green tea dosage is to take it in a multi vitamin supplement form. When combined with other nutrients you will be gaining even more benefits than simply drinking a cup of tea.